Friday, September 23, 2011

Essential Oils Can Bring All Sorts of Energy into Your Life

Picture from November 2011 issue of The Herb Companion
I really love the magazine The Herb Companion.  So much that I had to re-post this wonderful chart they featured in the most recent issue of the magazine.  I LOVE essential oils and I use them almost daily. I use mostly rosemary and lavender in my Whirlpool bath, but this chart opens up some ideas that I had never considered before.  If you don't have the essential oils (which can be very expensive unless you buy them in bulk or quantities) just brew up a large pot of your favorite aromatic herb on the stove in your kitchen.  Turn it down to low after it comes to a boil and let it simmer all day adding water as needed.  It is a less expensive way of practicing herbal magick or aroma therapy.  This is just my first post back on this blog which I started before my Fibromyalgia brought every thing in my life to a halt last Spring.  I will be posting again regularly from now on while I work to increase my health quotient.