Friday, March 18, 2011

One of my followers has an incredible giveaway on her blog--check it out!

Weiser Book Giveaway: For Goddess’ Sake

by Hailey D.D. Klein

There are many goddesses in every woman. For Goddess’ Sake is an irreverent, funny, profound interactive guide that helps women live joyfully by embracing all goddesses within. The book encourages women to get together and form their very own goddess groups. In these groups, they can discover and experience all of their goddess archetypes–the sexy girl, the damsel, the bruiser, the smarty pants, the solo gal, the mystery woman, and more.
Accessorized throughout with recipes that feed body and spirit, rituals to create with others or individually, and inspiration from ancient goddess lore, For Goddess’ Sake helps readers feel the power of connecting with other women/goddesses daily.
Author Hailey D.D. Klein, a self-proclaimed Aphrodite/Artemis/Cassandra/Lady of the Lake/Athena/Hecate/Persephone/Spider Woman/Hestia/St. Lucy/Lilith/Pandora, shows women how to form their own goddess groups. With the support and guidance of their groups, women explore their inner goddesses and have a lot of fun doing it. Goddesses in the group earn goddess merit badges as they discover, explore, and celebrate each goddess within. Earn your Artemis badge by truly challenging yourself–run your first 5K or join a Tai Chi class. Klein offers guidelines for creating a monthly goddess gathering–a space and place for women to meet, eat, drink, be merry or blue, ecstatic or quiet–a time and place just to be.
A truly delightful, unique book, For Goddess’ Sake helps any woman set her inner goddesses free on a fun-filled journey of self-discovery in the company of her sister goddesses.
The winner of this drawing will receive one (1) copy of “For Goddess’ Sake” by Hailey D.D. Klein.
The drawing for this giveaway will occur on Friday, April 1st around noon CST.  Entries (comments on The Balanced Witch blog) must be dated before then to be counted.  (Site registration is required to post as this cuts down on spam comments.)
You will receive one entry for each of the following:
One entry per comment please!
Winners will be announced on the blog and notified by Monday, April 4th.

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