Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 Gardens

I am sure that 2012 is going to be a stellar year for my herb and vegetable gardens. In the front yard, the chives, garlic chives, mints, oregano, yarrow, purple cone flowers/echinacea, rosemary and lavender are still going strong and I have bulbs, roses and lilacs in position for spring blooming.  There will be flowers- lots and lots of flowers.  Be sure to stop back frequently to follow the progress of my garden and admire the photos of my beautiful herbs and flowers.

Right now, everything is a bit bare, but soon we will be planting new seeds and the tips of spring bulbs will be peeking out through the soil.  I will be adding MORE of everything this year and expanding the herb beds into raised beds. 

I am heading off to Lowe's to get materials for raised beds and sending to Woody at Lynchburg Grows for another truckload or two of compost.  We have two big compost beds of our own in the back, but this will not be nearly enough soil for my new raised beds. 

I have an adorable cart that rolls along and provides a nice comfy seat from which I can garden IF I have raised beds. Rather than fight the arthritis pain, I have accepted that it is there and will be gardening from my cart this year and utilizing raised beds to make life a bit easier.

In addition to all the herbs, last year we added four fruit trees and four raised vegetable garden beds to the front yard. I also have a baby rowan tree which is one of the sacred trees of the Druids. So far, no zoning committee members or irate neighbors have complained about the tomatoes in the front yard, so I am going to add even more vegetables for 2012.  

Once we patch up a few spots in the cement walks  and add the rest of the new plants, there should be little weeding to do.  I don't plan on leaving any room for the weeds.  Stop by soon to see the new progress in the Witch's garden! 

Spring 2011



  1. Very cool! Let me know if you need any help noel

  2. WOW! Whenever you want to stop by to help-or to just hang out-PLEASE do! LOL:):) We will plant our peas on February 2-same as we do every year. Brighid must be the Goddess of the peas--LOL. We actually have daffodils up in the back yard! Blooming--right now! I am going to try to get a picture tomorrow! I will see you tomorrow night at the PNO!! Jamey and I are both coming!!