Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Invocation to Create Your Magick Garden

Gracious Goddesses, Glorious Gods, Sacred Nature Spirits, Guides and Lares of this heavenly piece of Earth here on the corner of Memorial and Harper Avenues in Lynchburg, VA in the USA on the planet Earth.

Gaea, Mother Earth, I call on you and honor you.

I ask your permission and your support in this endeavor to bring to beauty and fruition a garden of herbs, vegetables and fruits for the glory of the Gods and the well-being of ALL who live here and visit here.

At this, the time of the Celtic fire festival of Imbolc, I call on Brighid, Goddess of Fire and Water to bless this endeavor, to bring beauty and great health to this land and to all who dwell here or partake in the bounty created here.  

May the garden we create here be a testimony of our love of the "Olde Ways" and a representation of our independence from the money based society in which we are forced to live. 

Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit, I call on you to bless and protect this garden and my intenstions to create something beautiful, functional, healthful and abundant in every way.  

Guide me daily as I go about the tilling and planting, sowing and reaping of this sacred space. Grant me and my fellow garden creators plenty of strength and endurance to create this beauty and abundance in a pain free manner and in ever increasing health and joy.

Flow through me into the seeds, plants and earth creating great bounty to be shared with all others who I hold dear.

Enable me to have plenty of food to flourish and grow healthy and for those that I love to share in the bounty, flourish, grow healthy and stong.

Aid me also in the development of my herb craft and my gardening knowledge and garden crafts so that I can develop a plan to share this bounty with others and bring prosperity to my life and to the life of my friends in honor of the Gods and in the Spirit of Right Livelihood.  

May all who work in this garden thrive and grow healthy just like the plants that they nurture.

May this, its equivalent or better bless my life, the life of those I love and this, my sacred garden, harming none, so mote it be. 

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