Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Make it your intention to dedicate your garden to the Spirit of Rebirth and the Beauty of the Goddess...

First steps..mundane..I will post a future blog entry about each of these:
  1. Obtain every organic, Earth-friendly, heirloom seed catalog you can find. 
  2. Find on-line and local organic, heirloom seed gardening clubs and join them.
  3. Raid your local used bookstores and library for books about gardening.  Anything by Rodale Press is excellent.  Mother Earth News is full of wonderful ideas. 
  4. Gather together gardening tools and gardening decorations to be woven into your magick. Be creative!
  5. Plan your garden out on paper.  Graph paper works well.  There are computer programs out there for this, but I like a pencil and paper myself.  I feel more connected to what I am doing. 
  6. Learn how to plant by the Moon Signs. Get a good copy of a moon sign gardening chart that explains planting by the moon signs clearly and completely.
  7. Learn about companion planting.
  8. Scrapbook...Create a Garden Journal to celebrate your successes and document the plants that did not grow and why you think this may be.  Make your Garden Journal festive and beautiful, just like your garden.
  9. There are many different types of magickal gardens-decide which concept garden with which you would like to play and why.  Think about butterfly gardens, herb gardens for cooking, herb gardens for healing herbs, Mediterranean gardens for those who love Italian cooking, night gardens full of glowing white flowers and night-blooming Jasmine.  Let you mind wander and play.  What can you create? 
  10. Start a compost pile.  Don't waste those scraps.  They can make your garden come alive.
  11. Recycle and reuse everything you can.
  12. Have a heart-to-heart talk with the Gods, Goddesses, and Nature Spirits around your home and get their permission to have this garden.  Tell them that the garden is in their honor.  Enlist their help.  Give them a gift or a libation to honor them and request their support and presence. Thank them-repeatedly.
  13. Have your soil tested.  Contact your local Farming Extension office.  
  14. Have a ritual to bless the intentions of your new garden.  

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