Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Welcome to my new blog about gardening with a touch of magick...

Today is Imbolc, my favorite holiday of the Wiccan/Pagan year.  Most who know me know that I am dedicated to the Celtic Goddess Brighid. She is my Patroness, my sister, my guide, my inspiration, my all. Today is also the New Moon. The New Moon is the perfect day to start a new project (especially on Imbolc,) a creative project like the one on which we are about to embark.  New Moon workings can be done from the new moon to three days after the new moon. The new moon is for new beginnings, starting new ventures and also love, romance, health or job hunting. 

My new blog, The Garden Witch, is about all of these things--health, love, fertile greenness, growth, romance, inspiration, beauty, and much more. Gardening with Magick is not tricky or difficult.  It is a way to remember, honor and cherish the "olde ways" and reconnect with the Earth, our Mother. AND--it is fun! Remember this at all times!  This is supposed to be fun, for you, for those around you, and also for the Gods and Goddesses you honor with your magickal gardens.  Just think how wonderful it will be to have a lush garden brimming with fresh, green magickal asparagus and greens to honor the Lord and Lady at Beltane. 

The best source I have found for this material is Dorothy Morrison's wonderful book entitled Bud, Blossom & Leaf.  I recommend this book as the perfect accompaniment to this blog.  I have found such delight in Dorothy and her ideas that I have created my own magickal garden and magickal ways which I will share to you in this blog, The Garden Witch.  Imagine, fresh, red, luxurious strawberries and strawberry mead magickally enhanced to be the perfect cakes and ale for your spring rituals.  

Come along with me as we weave our webs to the song of the Fae and start our own green magick gardens in which we can dance and sing all year round.
The next post will be a "how to" of getting started ideas...

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